We are specialist in IT for the super yacht industry, set up by super yacht industry veterans and senior Isle of Man technology experts.  The company has an enviable track record in supporting top quality shore based operations and the biggest super yachts.  We also service many other sectors both on the Isle of Man and internationally.

Cyber security is paramount across them all…

Cyber-Security Framework


Although technologies can dramatically reduce the risks, most cyber-security breaches are through human error, not a lack of system protection.  90% of all hacking incidents do not start with a phishing email, 90% of hacking incidents start with someone clicking the link, opening the attachment, or responding to a phishing email.

Although technology can reduce the opportunity, culture plays a huge role in setting the standards and behaviors throughout your organization.  Like the corporate vision – it must start with the Executive and carry on down, otherwise how can everyone pull together for the same goal.

We live in a world where a single ransomware attack can cripple an institution or corporation, and where the cost of that attack can be immeasurable against reputation and client confidence.  The days when cyber-security was considered just an IT issue are now behind us.  It requires many disciplines and a framework for preparedness, oversight and execution.

It is critical for executives to be properly informed, and so to focus on improving understanding at all levels (including their own).  This must center on culture, increase awareness, promote best practice, and share the responsibility for cyber-security across the organization.  If not championed by the Executive as systemic within the company then, as with the corporate vision, what should be pulling together pulls apart..

For the board, cyber-security is an exercise in enterprise risk management, with involvement at all levels.  Appropriate and regular communication of management information to the board is essential, and distilled in such a way the board can easily digest and understand, in order to drive appropriate business decisions.

There are many best practice guidelines out there: The UK Government’s 10 steps, the cyber-essentials, and conformity or certification to the ISO 27001 standard.  However, these not only require varying depths of understanding and capability, but also a starting point.  To jump start we need a simple yet flexible method that can work for all business sizes, and provide a pro-active risk based approach.  4Tech’s IT Management Service (ITMS) is a tried and tested framework providing just that:


Predict –> Prevent –> Detect –> Respond –> Repeat


  1. Best practice IT Security & Management policies -> Audit & Risk assess against those policies.
  2. Qualified & quantified risk items presented in laymen’s terms with mitigation options and costs.
  3. Executive decisions based on risk-based & real understanding.
  4. Risk reduction implemented and communicated.
  5. Repeat…


  1. Audit of systems / procedures, and location / protection of critical data, versus attack vectors.
  2. Identify monitoring requirements.
  3. Technology, procedures and best practices implemented & communicated.
  4. Monitoring and Incident Management policies with fast track technology and cultural reactions defined.
  5. Repeat…

Whether you are a small business with slight IT support, or larger with dedicated security personnel, 4Tech’s ITMS brings structure to your defense planning and clarity to your reporting.

The cost is proportional to the size and complexity of your IT enterprise.  For the audit and risk assessment you should expect to budget for your head count x 1.5 hours.

If you would like to here more about the ITMS or our super yacht services, or just have an informal chat about security and IT management please get in touch.

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