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Who we are

4Tech is an Isle of Man based company, owned and operated on the island.  We were born from the recognition that what is required from IT is for it to simply work by empowering the business and increasing operational efficiency, whilst decreasing risk and cost.  We do this by quantifying & qualifying the current status of your systems, identifying what your risk profile is, and what you actually need from systems.

This provides the right level of management information to enable and inform your business.  We follow this up where required by proposing a range of solution options, without obligation, where the cost versus benefit is transparent, and the business can make appropriately informed and weighted decisions.

We have a wealth of experience in evolving your IT enterprise and increasing operational efficiency.  We only use local, best in breed hosting facilities, and our management & support services are tailored to your needs.

Request a call back today to find out more information or to discuss your requirements with one of our experienced professionals.